…is everything.  But when you don’t have good timing, what do you do?  You can either sit there and wait for the perfect time that may never come, dwell on the perfect time that has passed, or you can suck it up, jump in with both feet and make the best of it while you can.

Had we shot the film a year earlier, our primary location, New Deal Studios, would still be in our back yard in Marina Del Rey – 5 minutes away.  Having relocated to Sylmar, the drive now took us through rush hour traffic up the 405, which at one point took 3 hours.  A year earlier, our lead actress would’ve also lived right next door in the Marina and not an hour up the coast in Malibu.

Had it just been a month earlier, our lead actress would have all the time in the world and wouldn’t have been called off to “Iron Man 3” in the middle of production, our producer wouldn’t have been trying to teach a class at the same time (also in Malibu), our lead actor wouldn’t be working full time on a major installation for a Vegas attraction, and I would’ve had plenty of money set aside for living expenses and rent.

And at any other time of year, we wouldn’t have been in the middle of a record breaking heatwave.

It seemed to be the singlemost inconvenient time for everyone working on the show.  Even folks who hadn’t worked for years suddenly were insanely busy or beset with personal problems the day they began working on the show.  It was as if the universe was conspiring against us.  But somehow we made it work.  We jumped in with both feet and made the best of it while we could.

A lesson learned from my brother who was currently fighting a far more difficult battle with cancer.

Strangely enough, many of the timing issues went away at the last minute – the gig with “Iron Man” fell through, the project in Vegas fell through, one of our actors who originally wasn’t available was now available.  Timing still wasn’t perfect, but I felt like the universe was at least taking pity on us.

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